Cyclone Boom


Cyclone Boom

Overall Dimensions 50mm (2in) diameter, 140mm (5.5in)

Compatible Sensors ICP® blast pressure pencil probe series by PCB Piezotronics.

Purpose This tool allows for sensors to be placed on a test stand without the limit or hassle of cables. An instrumentation team can deploy unlimited sensors without the concerns of standard instrumentation. 100ft is a recommended limit for even the best cables (Reference).


The Cyclone Boom product is a measurement system intended to provide 1 MSPS (mega-sample-per-second) ADC capture of a Class 1 sensor.

Boom Features

Single-channel ADC system

    • Excitation set to 4.5mA, 28VDC

    • Analog conversions at 1MSPS

Time stamped data with embedded GPS (or PTP (IEEE 1588) in wired configuration

    • 30 ns GPS Time Accuracy (to be tested)

    • 20 ns to 100 ns IEEE 1588 Ethernet LAN

    • (For comparison IRIG is 1 μs to 10 μs)

256MB Embedded SD Card

    • +1 Hour recording space (to be tested)

One Embedded 18650 Lithium Ion Battery

    • 3400mAHr, Made in Japan

    • 3 days sleep + 4 hours recording (to be tested)

LCD Display

  • Local report of connectivity, battery remaining, storage remaining (500 nits brightness)

Interface Features

USB-C Interface

    • Charging at 5W, 5 to 20V Charge Input (21V Tolerant)

    • Bulk Data Transfer, Ethernet or Mass Storage (Factory Configured)

User Button

    • Wake to Display Stats, Sync with Cyclone Basestation

Remote Wakeup, Trigger, Monitoring of Battery Health, Download of Measurements to Cyclone Basestation, a local, on-premises server, or Cyclone Cloud, a hosted service at RadioBro HQ

    • UHF Connection ( UHF Wireless is optional, factory installed )

    • LTE CAT-M1 Connection ( LTE Wireless is optional, factory installed )

    • Ethernet Connection ( Ethernet is optional, factory installed )

    • Wi-Fi Connection ( Wi-Fi Wireless is optional, factory installed )

All wireless can be avoided, on request. Standard deployments include 4 sensor devices and one basestation with customer-consigned sensor elements.

Software States

1 - Sleep

Low power state

Remotely wake over UHF or LTE

2 - Recording

Normal power state

Actively recording ADC at 1 MSPS

Raw storage of all data, timestamped

Free running FFT to auto-trigger event

Data before/during/after auto-trigger

Config of auto-trigger parameters

RF blacked out (receive only)

3 - Streaming

All of "2 - Recording" State, plus

Stream sample of data remotely

4 - Uploading

Full power state

Read out of trigger data

Red out of raw storage of all data, timestamped

ADC turned off