Airborne Tracker9


This is a simple tracking device

Tracker9 product is a 1 Watt UHF GPS tracker.

Devices Onboard

  • Transceiver: Digi XBee XBP9X-DMRS-001

  • GPS Receiver: UBlox MAX-8C with embedded antenna

  • Precision pressure sensor as static port: TE MS583730BA01-50

  • Accelerometer: Bosch BMI160

  • Batteries: 4 of CR-123A, US-made Lithium Cells

  • Panic Button


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 2.5 in wide x 1.25 in deep x 4.1 in long housing, 8 in antenna

Weight: 0.475lbs with batteries and antenna (no zip ties)

Mounting Points:

  • Screw holes for #10, 1.5in spread (2 x 0.221 in diameter)

  • Zip tie holes for two large zip ties, (4 x 0.375 wide x 0.100 tall, 2 in spread)

Flight Line Instructions

  1. The electronics are installed with batteries loaded days to hours prior to performance. The device will sleep and transmit every 10 minutes.

  2. About 1 hour prior to takeoff, the ground station will activate the device to report position every 10 seconds.

  3. As the aircraft enters the flight box, the ground station will request the report to increase to 10 Hz.

  4. Post-performance, the tracking interval will be activated back to every 10 seconds.

  5. Once on the ground, the ground station will put the device to sleep, transmitting every 10 minutes.


The product enclosure incorporates slots for two zip ties, each 3/8 wide/120lb. The

Alternatively, the aircraft owner can use adhesives. If using adhesives, a strap should be used to restrain the device in case of adhesion failure.

The enclosure is provided as a disposable component that can be modified by the pilot and will stay with the aircraft throughout the flight weekend. The electronics sled is installed into the housing during pre-flight, secured with four 6-32 screws.

The static port should be exposed in final mounting.

LED Indicator

The button will initiate a device test mode, a temporary state to confirm GPS reception and perform a data uplink.

  • Flashing RED: Low Battery

  • Solid RED: No GPS Signal

  • Solid Blue: Weak GPS Signal

  • Solid Green: Strong GPS Signal

The test will allow 120 seconds for GPS lock. As soon as a lock is achieved or 120 seconds expires, the LED indicator will alert for 20 seconds. The system will emit a GPS packet simultaneously.