Cyclone Node

Cyclone Node

RadioBro's Cyclone Node is the core of the Cyclone product line. This product allows for users to have an aftermarket data acquisition system powerful enough to support most aerospace testing needs.

Key Features

  • Plug and Play Channels
  • Embedded Power to Each Sensor
  • Powerful ADC and Serial Interfaces for Each Sensor
  • Ethernet Modular Design

Turnkey Network Installation

For most installations, RadioBro will prepare the node to talk to the customer's server. In this case, the customer will only need to follow the Installation Protocol shown here. Sensors will source power from the node, therefore only one cable is required. After installation, a customer may choose to calibrate or tare sensors over the local website.

Installation Protocol

  1. Bolt Cyclone Node to frame using 1/4in hardware on the four bolt points
  2. Connect ground lug to local chassis ground utilizing the 4-40 stud
  3. Attach the Power over Ethernet network cable to the node's network jack
    1. Torque to 2.5 in-lb
  4. Attach sensors to the channels of the node
    1. Torque to 2.5 in-lb
  5. Relieve cables of stress

Cyclone Node State Diagram

Sensor Operation

The node has a primary operation of detecting and operating a sensor generate data. The node passes this data to the local server, or, in some applications, it can retain the data for node-storage.

Model Numbers

C2A-12A (Future C2A-4A, C2A-8A, C2A-16A)

C2A for the product series Cyclone 2 for Aerospace

## for the number of channels included in the node

A for the channel variant. See Channel A specifications below.

If necessary, a full model number including software variation can be provided.


Standard Aluminum Housing

C2A-16A: 1.8lbs (0.82kg), C2A-12A: 1.35lbs* (0.68kg), C2A-8A: 1.2lbs (0.54kg), C2A-4A: 0.9lbs (0.41kg)

Lightweight Aluminum Housing

C2A-16A: 1.4lbs (0.63kg), C2A-12A: 1.00lbs (0.45kg), C2A-8A: 0.9lbs (0.41kg), C2A-4A: 0.7lbs (0.32kg)

* Measured directly