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Cyclone is ideal to support your aircraft test. The Cyclone team is ready to assist in sensor selection, parameter definition, and deployment of a functional system.

Ground testing can also find huge advantages with Cyclone.

Save time with smart data acquisition.

Health Monitoring

Support fleets of vehicles with Big Data. Statistically analyze the sensors on all platforms from a global view.

New value in Big Data.

Getting Started

Starting up with Cyclone is unique. For most users, Cyclone arrives pre-configured. Very little training is required! Reach out for more information.

Product Family Overview

Cyclone is a system that operates as a series of network data acquisition nodes.

Cyclone is based on the smart instrumentation channel. One channel can power and operate almost any sensor used in testing. With the powerful plug-and-play software incorporated in the channels, a user can integrate an instrument onto a flying platform in just minutes.

  • Installation of a new sensor is as easy as plugging it in
  • Automatic sensor identification and configuration through the Cyclone Smart Connector
  • Cloud-based data updates for sensors, channels, etc.

Sensors must incorporate the Cyclone Smart Connector, which allows the channel to auto configure to the sensor.

Cyclone Channels are part of the Cyclone Node.

Learn more here: Node

Device Map - Networked System

(*) An optional battery allows Cyclone to operate without DC power input. Cyclone Wireless includes WiFi, SIM, Bluetooth and other features.

Device Map - Stand Alone System

Cyclone Power to Vehicle

The system connects to raw 28VDC power with a 10A breaker. More details are published under Cyclone Power product description.

Ethernet Expansion

Cyclone operates as a local network of devices. The devices pass data over 100M and 1000M Ethernet protocols and are powered by Power-over-Ethernet protocols. Devices are synchronized together using Precision Time Protocol.

Connectivity to users, cloud, and other servers are completed over network socket connections.

Cyclone Nodes to Sensors

Data is generated in Cyclone Node. Each sensor uses a smart connector. The sensor will then be plug-and-play ready. On connection, the node energizes each sensor and collects analog and digital data. The data can be processed on each channel for immediate engineering decisions or can be passed to the server.