Type A Channel

Cyclone Node State Diagram

Sensor Operation

The node has a primary operation of detecting and operating a sensor generate data. The node passes this data to the local server, or, in some applications, it can retain the data for node-storage.

Channel A Overview

Each channel includes programmable sensor power, analog measurement, and logic analyzer.

Cyclone is based on the smart instrumentation channel.It is able to operate almost any sensor used in testing. With the powerful plug-and-play software incorporated in the channels, a user an integrate an instrument onto a flying platform in just minutes.

  • Installation of a new sensor is as easy as plugging it in
  • Automatic sensor identification and configuration through the Cyclone Smart Connector
  • Cloud-based data updates for sensors, channels, etc.

Sensors must incorporate the Cyclone Smart Connector, which allows the channel to auto configure to the sensor.

Channel A Specifications

Embedded Excitation

DC output of 1V to 22VDC, up to 500mA

Constant current for PCB Piezotronics Sensors

Power output monitoring

Embedded ADC


Primary ADC resolution - 32bit

Max Sample Rate of Primary ADC - 38kHz

Secondary ADC resolution - 24bit

Max Sample Rate of Secondary ADC - 800Hz

Embedded Logic Analyzer / Serial Port

Protocols Available - RS232, RS422, RS485

Flow control available

Adapters for ARINC 429, ARINC 825, and CAN Bus

Channel A Applications