What is MiniSatCom?

The founders of RadioBro built the company around the business plan of bringing small spacecraft components from concept to robotic production. For MiniSatCom, it was calculated that the market needs a more cost-effective radio unit designed that was truly tuned for production processes.

What is it for?

When a user puts one MSC in a small spacecraft and another on the ground, the user can message back and forth between the radios. This is often used for status packets and control signals. A spacecraft developer would design a device like MSC into their unit to provide communication to Earth.

MSC is extremely configurable. Developers can set the devices up for various radio configurations. Spacecraft developers may be in commercial, experimental, amateur, or restricted bands, and each of these have specific regulations. Hopefully users will be able to meet the need using MSC.

Is it right for your team?

To understand MSC, take a look at the overview and the interfacing pages. These will share what users will need to do to smartly use the devices. Feel free to reach out to our RadioBro team to learn more.