Cyclone Server

RadioBro's Cyclone server is the data concentrator of the Cyclone System. The data acquired on the nodes is hosted by the server for a website.

Key Features

  • Based on Computer-on-Module Type 10, a standard set by PICMG https://www.picmg.org/
  • Data over Ethernet
  • Power by Power-over-Ethernet

Model Numbers


C2A for the product series Cyclone 2 for Aerospace

Server for the general reference of the server.

If necessary, a full model number including software variation can be provided.

Mechanical Interface Drawing

Cyclone Server State Diagram

User Input

The server has the task of taking user inputs through cockpit switches and browser-based inputs. The server also hosts the local user website.

Data Storage and Output

The server has the task of receiving the data from the nodes, processing the data for visualization, and transmitting the data to other servers.

Turnkey Network Installation

For most installations, RadioBro will prepare the node to talk to the customer's server. In this case, the customer will only need to follow the Installation Protocol shown here. The system will operate on network power without any other device-level interactions. Signals from the cockpit will be transmitted to the server over the local Ethernet network.

Installation Protocol

  1. Bolt Cyclone Server to frame using 1/4in hardware on the four bolt points
  2. Connect ground lug to local chassis ground utilizing the 4-40 stud
  3. Attach the Power over Ethernet network cable to the server's network jack
    1. Torque to 2.5 in-lb
  4. Relieve cables of stress