Data Packets

Data Packet

The data packet should be presented in the following format, as presented with this example packet.

Example Packet: $$CALLSIGN,713,17:54:14,3159.09,-09012.68,20999,06,9.32,-5*

Load into Google Degrees, Decimal Minutes: such as 32° 18.385' N 122° 36.875' W

CALLSIGN custom for each customer

713 packet number since powerup. A missed number here would indicate the receiver missed a packet transmission. If the numbers restart from 1, the system has had a power restart. This is not expected unless the batteries are disconnected.

17:54:14 Time of packet in UTC 12:34:56 is usually a symptom that the GPS does not have a lock.

3159.09 the latitude coordinate of GPS representing 31 degrees, 59.09 minutes

-09012.68 the longitude coordinate of GPS representing -90 degrees east (or +90 deg west), and 12.68 minutes

20999 altitude in meters

06 number of satellites in view

9.32 battery voltage in volts

-5 temperature in Celsius of the MCU