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In the spirit of Cyclone 2 Industrial, various physical interfaces can be used to connect to a node.

For some applications, a -B header has been implemented. The node C2I-08B offers 8 ports, each with the T1M series connector by Samtec. Some sensors may also have this pinout, which allow for use of the reversible S1SS cable assembly or S1SST cable assembly.


Pin 1 - A (RS-485)

Pin 2 - B (RS-485)

Pin 3 - T (Trigger reserved for future use)

Pin 4 - GND (0.1A)

Pin 5 - E+ (12 to 28VDC, 0.1A)

Part Number


Samtec T1M-05-F-SH-L-K

Cable Assembly:

Samtec S1SS-05-28C-GF-96.00-L1

C2I-B Sensors

Gage Module

MN: C2I-B-Gage


The Gage Module is an RS-485 device that allows for 1Hz gage measurement, often for measurement of a strain gage or thermocouple.

Electrical Interface

On cable side, there is a cable assembly. This connects directly to the serial controller.

On the sensor side, there are three exposed pads: S+, S-, Shield. The S+ and S- are to be connected to the bare strain gage element. The gage module provides the excitation for the measurement.

Installation Instructions - See Below

Software Interface

The Gage Module uses a simple software algorithm to react to requests for measurement. The commands and responses are a lightweight binary protocol. More details are available on request.

Mechanical Interface

The assembly should be retained where the wires to the gage are not stressed. The wire assembly to the serial controller should not be stressed. The case around the circuit can be retained by a pipe clamp, zip tie, or tape.


The Gage Module ships in a plastic clam shell case.

Electronics Assembly

The Gage Module includes a PCB, a 96 in cable assembly, orange cable sheathing, and a tubular case to shield the connector. There is adhesive heat shrink applied to retain sheath. More details are available on request.

Electrical Limits

E+ Nominal: 12 VDC or 24 VDC, Min: 7 VDC, Max: 30 VDC

E+ Nominal: 10 mA, Max: 50 mA

GND Nominal: 10 mA, Max: 50 mA

A, B Nominal: 5 VDC, Min: -7 VDC, Max: 12 VDC

T Not connected

Gage Module Installation Instructions

The gage module is attached to a strain gage in short proximity, less than 1 yard (less than 1 meter). The gage module is attached to a strain gage by soldering one lead of each side of the bridge to the S+ and S- pads.

Once prepared, the gage module should be plugged into a serial controller. The serial controller will apply power to the gage module and perform the readings. All read-rates and calibrations are performed by the serial controller.


A shielding solder pad is available if a shield is used to protect the sensor wires from electro-magnetic interference. (The shield pad is connected to GND by a resistor. This resistor is loaded only by special request.)

A thermocouple can be measured. (The standard configuration includes pull resistors on S+ and S-. These are disconnected at the factory when used as a thermocouple gage module.)

C2I-B Nodes

Serial Controller

MN: C2I-08B


The serial controller powers C2I-B sensors, like the gage module. It reports its results in real time over Ethernet. The serial controller is a "node" in the cyclone technology.

Electrical Interface

The Serial Controller has 8 ports for C2I-B sensors to connect.

On the opposing side, a network jack is used to provide Ethernet connectivity and PoE power. The device will enumerate as a 13W powered device.

For some configurations, a DC power cable hookup is available. This uses the IPBT-102-H1-T-S-RA-K (or IPBT-102-H1-T-S).

A grounding cable must be used to clamp the serial controller to local ground.

Software Interface

The serial controller will join a local Ethernet network. The device get DHCP allocation. The node will pass messages to a pre-assigned MQTT server using pre-assigned credentials. The messages will follow the open JSON format.

Mechanical Interface