3.6.5 Output Channels

3.6 MSC Software Interface

The output pins have the option to be set high, low, toggled high (10ms toggle) or toggled low (10ms toggle). There are 2 output pins which can be operated.

Elements 1, 2: Header

Group: Output Settings: CHAR O

Parameter: Pin desired for the change. Pin 1: CHAR 1, HEX 0x31, Pin 2: CHAR 2, HEX 0x32

Example CHAR: O,1

Element 3: Specify the property group to be configured

Set pin low: CHAR 0, HEX 0x30

Set pin high: CHAR 1, HEX 0x31

Toggle pin high for 10ms: CHAR 2, HEX 0x32

Toggle pin low for 10ms: CHAR 3, HEX 0x33

Element 4: Payload

Not used

Element 5: End the Packet

End the packet carriage return

Example 0x0D

Example: Set Output 1 to High and Output 2 to Low

CHAR: O,1,1<CR>O,2,0<CR>

HEX: 4F 2C 31 2C 31 0D 4F 2C 32 2C 30 0D