5. MSC Products and Accessories

5.1. Development Transceiver (see below)

5.2. Space-Flight Certified Transceiver(see below)

The radio is sold with and without space flight readiness testing and has many complementing development tools to accelerate your spacecraft readiness.

5.1. Development Transceiver

The development transceiver the production RF module without the Space-Flight Certification. This product is intended for developers to use for prototype minimizing wear and tear of the flight hardware in the testing environment.

5.2. Space-Flight Certified Transceiver

The Space-Flight Certified transceiver is a tested and quality checked production RF module. The testing, as described below, is intended to minimize risk by verifying launch readiness, RF spectrum performance and electrical power usage. The concern of imminent electrical/mechanical issues is reduced by X Ray verification. Space-Flight Certification

  1. Full Performance Check – RF spectrum analysis and electrical test
  2. Vibration test on each unit, simulating the launch environment. GSFC-STD-7000A
  3. Bake out of each radio to clean off any remaining debris, 10-4 Torr for 3 hours at 70 0C
  4. X Ray of each radio board to ensure structural integrity and solder joint quality
  5. Full Performance Check
  6. Reports provided to customer:
    1. Spectrum measurements for bandwidth
    2. Harmonic measurements
    3. Electrical power measurements
    4. Bakeout profile
    5. Vibration profile
    6. Materials list

* This is performed on each Space Flight Certified Transceiver.