5.3 Dev Board

5. MSC Products and Accessories

The MiniSatCom Development Board is a unique tool that routes every pin out for a developer to get full access to the MiniSatCom radio.

  • Hard mount points to secure the MiniSatCom module

  • 2x10 header for electrical connection to the MiniSatCom module

  • Direct pin access to each pin of the MiniSatCom module

  • Dedicated posts for oscilloscope probes to each pin of the MiniSatCom module

  • Dedicated ports to a logic analyzer for all data pins

  • USB adapter for data access and control by USB hosts, like Android, PC, and Mac

  • USB power, 5 Volt 0.5 Amp, for radio power.

  • Switches to enable/disable the RF amplifier, USB data bypass, USB power bypass

  • Power splice for user to measure current into the radio

  • MMCX to SMA cable

  • Multi-band SMA antenna, great for tabletop development use