5.4 -5.5 Shields & Antennas

5. MSC Products and Accessories

5.4. Arduino Shield

The MiniSatCom radio can be operated easily with the Arduino product line of the Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, Arduino Due, etc. This shield and its components allow for direct interfacing with MiniSatCom and the Arduino. This product includes all the parts unsoldered without an antenna. An external antenna is required for the RF band you select.

5.5. MiniSatCom Breakout Multiband Antenna with Cable

This multiband antenna is compatible with both the 420-450 MHz and 902-928 MHz of MiniSatCom UHF. It is a male SMA antenna, useful for many applications such as lab testing of the MiniSatCom.

The cable assembly is a MMCX right angle connector to female SMA at 200mm furthest point to furthest point. Custom lengths are available at a similar price.